#GlueCrew Stories: Josh Oakes

BY IT GLUE | July 31, 2018

#GlueCrew stories is our way of allowing you to get to know some of the team, and put some faces to our company. Meet Josh Oakes, IT Glue’s Content Team Lead!

How did you end up in your position as Content Team Lead here at IT Glue?

I think every writer can relate to, “I always wrote.” It wasn’t until this one moment in university though, that I realized it was a talent of mine. My grades were good not because I was necessarily smarter than the next person, but because I could express ideas well in my writing.

For a while I worked freelance – writing blogs and traveling. Over time the money became pretty inconsistent and I started looking for marketing jobs. Content marketing was fairly new at the time, but was becoming increasingly important. Companies realized they needed these roles and so they started looking for people to hire. I had some experience in marketing prior, and it just seemed like a natural fit.

What have you enjoyed most about working here?

IT Glue is a really interesting place to work. In my own position I’ve found that I have a high degree of autonomy. My own job, my own vision. I take guidance from the people around me, but I also have the responsibility to steer projects. There’s a good deal of trust here that gives me license to do what I want to do, and to really be creative.

What are you most proud of in terms of IT Glue, and your own position here?

At IT Glue, we’re leaders. We’re committed to staying ahead in our industry, and we do that by being innovative and taking risks. Every quarter looks different than the last.

When I think about my own position, and over the past 2 years, I really have become an important voice of the brand. That’s pretty cool to see – having my name associated with the company.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Figuring out how to address my weaknesses. In the beginning, when people start a job, they play to their strengths. I knew what I could do and so I focused on building out those strengths. But eventually you have to get to a point where you can identify what’s holding you back – what areas are your weaknesses. I think ego makes it difficult to see your own weaknesses so you have to restrain that a bit to overcome challenges.

What’s something people don’t know about you?

People tend to know I’m well traveled, but they don’t tend to know to what extent. At one point, I lived on the road for 6 years in a row. My wife and I literally did not have a home for those 6 years. That’s why I’ve been to so many incredible places.

Who are you outside of work?

I think outside of IT Glue I’m best known as a beer geek. I was employee #2 at Ratebeer.com, and really helped build that team to what it is today. I once wrote a book on beer, I participate in judging beer internationally, and am still known in that community even though I don’t really work there anymore.

What inspires you?

Anyone and anything. I think that’s what is so great about having a creative mind is the ability to draw inspiration from the most unexpected places. I can also get inspiration from just about anything. I make connections between unrelated things all the time, and that leads to some odd bits of inspiration.

What advice would you give to colleagues on their own journey?

Keep your skills up to date, and always be open to change. The world is constantly changing, and if you don’t try to keep up you’re going to find yourself feeling very stuck with the knowledge that you have. Don’t stop learning.

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