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BY IT GLUE | July 20, 2016

We all know the importance of creating a great work environment that makes employees feel valued. We also know how difficult it can be to make this a tangible experience. Our new favorite app Bonusly has allowed us to express our peer-to-peer recognition at IT Glue™ instantly! See how much fun it can be to recognize a teammate’s efforts using this great tool.This new app is fun, one of our core values here at IT Glue. It gives coworkers a meaningful way to recognize teammates’ contributions and accomplishments on a daily basis.

              Look at the 30 Day Standouts – A great way to celebrate success

Here are the rules

Everyone gets a monthly allowance to give out as micro bonuses to their colleagues. They can be given for any reason, from fixing a tricky software bug, to staying late to help out on a tough video project, ordering breakfast or bringing coffee in for the team, or flying overseas to join events and represent the team! The reasons for acknowledgments are various, but the effect is very unique: it brings us closer together in a fun way! Here are some examples:

Values are the core of our business!

Micro bonuses are visible to everyone else in the organization. When someone gets recognized, everyone else gets a chance to see the contributions their colleagues make, and can show their appreciation for them in the comments.

We have taken this a step further and have the bonuses populate on a very visible dashboard in the office, as well as in a Slack channel.

Our team posing in front of the new office attraction: Everyone’s Bonusly points up on TV!

That’s not all! As you can see above, when we give bonuses to each other, we can reference our core values in a hashtag for example #fun #empathy #trust #mastery. This has two main benefits:

  • We constantly reinforce the core values of IT Glue, and they don’t get forgotten. Gaining those insights can be really helpful for anyone, from a new hire working to understand their new team’s culture, to a leader working to support and develop it.
  • It helps to evaluate which of the core values we (as a team) relate to the most.

             Other than our Core Values, here are our favorite #GlueCrew words

Receiving points also associates people to each other which is represented in the Activity Network for analysis, it is fun to watch who is currently receiving points from whom:

Work hard, play hard….where do the bonuses go?

If you crave caffeine, simply redeem your points towards a starbucks gift card. Or did you ever dream of going for a one-on-one lunch date with your CEO? Well, here at IT Glue we are only 500 bonus points away from it. Although we are not quite sure if Chris knows what he was getting himself into (our #GlueCrew is awarding each other like no other) which means he will be going on many lunch dates.

The rewards are customizable and we have unlimited ideas of what to add to our collection! Try it out yourself and make your office life fun! Get Bonusly!

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