Feature Release: ServiceNow Integration With IT Glue

BY IT GLUE | July 02, 2021

Many companies struggle with siloed information within their IT departments, where everyone owns a small piece without understanding the full picture. Moreover, manually updating all the information wastes plenty of man-hours, which creates further confusion when searching for information. As a result, organizations risk losing critical information due to poor documentation.

You can mitigate this issue with a centralized, standardized and structured documentation platform to manage all critical information and keep your documentation up to date with our integrations.

The latest addition to our list of 45+ integrations is the ServiceNow integration. This can help you centralize and automate IT information from ServiceNow ITSM. You can also link to your passwords, Knowledge Base and more in IT Glue to have everything at your fingertips.

How the ServiceNow Integration Works?

All you have to do is create a new integration in your IT Glue account, with ServiceNow selected as the option. Once you have set up the integration with your username and password, you are ready to use it.

Critical information about companies, locations, contacts and configurations from your ServiceNow account is now automatically synced to IT Glue. Any changes made to them in ServiceNow will be updated in IT Glue. Also, you can easily link your ServiceNow data with other structural and procedural documentation in IT Glue to create valuable contextual relationships.

The Benefits

This integration brings with it a range of benefits for technicians and IT managers. The most obvious benefit is the ability to centralize all mission-critical information in a single knowledge hub. This way, even when your technicians are on leave or exit the company, you will still have access to all the information required to perform critical tasks.

Also, in an IT team, technicians inadvertently hold on to certain critical information that isn’t shared with the rest of the team. When a technician leaves, this information tends to leave with them as well. The ServiceNow integration can help locate and identify this missing information and reduce time that would otherwise be wasted looking for it.

When technicians have mission-critical information at their fingertips, they can complete their tasks much faster. By bringing all this information together, the ServiceNow integration boosts efficiency across the organization and contributes to its bottom line.

At IT Glue, we are constantly evaluating which toolset our partners use as integrations. This helps us launch new innovations when it comes to automating and centralizing your documentation. The ServiceNow integration is one such release aimed at efficiency-oriented documentation.

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