Feature Release: Rapid Restore

BY IT GLUE | May 24, 2017

We’ve all been there. That sinking feeling you get when you delete something you shouldn’t have. The next stage is the panic you feel trying to get it back. We don’t ever want you to feel that, so IT Glue™ is introducing the Rapid Restore feature. It’s basically a get out of jail free card. Now, it’s just as easy to restore something as it is to delete it.

What is it?

Rapid Restore allows Administrators to restore organizations, assets and documents you’ve deleted in IT Glue. Instead of having something disappear forever when you delete it, this feature will help you to get it back easily. Simply go back in time by looking in the activity logs and restore a record to its prior state. The feature will work even on the most complex data hierarchies. For example, if you delete an entire organization by accident, you’ll be able to restore that entire organization with all of its assets, documents and hierarchies intact.

How it Works

Your activity logs will have a (restore icon) for certain deleted entries that when clicked will restore that item. The feature can restore both core and flexible assets, including any embedded passwords, attachments, related items, and security permissions associated with the asset when it was deleted. Organizations, documents and flexible asset templates can also be restored.

Example: A deleted document entry with the restore option

Why this is Great

Mistakes happen, and deletions are a pretty big mistake if you can’t undo them. Gaining the ability to restore your documentation to a prior state goes a long way to solving this problem, and the stress that comes with it. Being able to restore data in IT Glue without submitting a ticket saves you time, energy, and money. If that’s not great, what is?

Learn More

Rapid Restore is available now, for partners on all plans. Only Administrators will have the ability to use the Rapid Restore feature.

For more information about how to use the Rapid Restore feature, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

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