[UPDATED] Feature Release: Port and Connected To Fields

BY IT GLUE | October 31, 2019

A strong core is an important component of a healthy body, and we’ve adopted this philosophy for Core Assets within IT Glue. That’s why Core Asset fields are highly structured and limited to only the essentials, so it’s a pretty big deal that we’re making, not one, but two new additions to the IT Glue Configuration interface table.

Configuration Structured Fields


The new Ports field is available now and is located under Configurations when looking at individual devices on a network. As the name implies, this field allows you to specify in IT Glue what port a device is connected to and easily reference this information in the future. Prior to this, you would have to log into a switch to locate a given port, and match the MAC or IP address to the device you’re interested in.

Connected To

The Connected To field is also available now and will let you indicate which devices are connected to a specific interface—bringing a more granular and complete documentation of networks. All you have to do is click on the Connected To field where you can then search for and select an existing Configuration to add. After making the selection, a new dropdown field appears, allowing you to specify the interface that your selected Configuration belongs to.


It gets even better…

Automated Documentation with Network Glue

Instead of you manually documenting the Port and Connected To fields, Network Glue not only automates this process for you but keep these fields up-to-date if any changes are made. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what Network Glue does, it is  our automated network discovery and documentation tool. Ports and Connected To will automatically be detected and documented, and on-site technicians will no longer have to tease apart tangled cables to determine what machines are connected where. Instead, this information is known and documented instantly, and displayed in a network diagram. For more information on how IT Glue configurations are enriched with Network Glue data, reference the kb.

Network Diagram Customization with Network Glue

One of the biggest asks we get from Network Glue users is to have the ability to modify network diagrams. You will be glad to know that this ability will be coming soon! Once this capability is available, all you will have to do is modify the connections or add a new connection by editing the Connected To field, and these changes will then be reflected in network diagrams within Network Glue.

While the automated functionality of Network Glue allows you to truly gain the efficiencies and benefits of these two new fields, we’re confident that all IT Glue users will immediately see the value of these new structured fields.

The Ports field and Connected To field are live, as well as the ability for Network Glue to automatically populate these fields.

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