Feature Release: MyGlue SSO and Just-In-Time Provisioning

BY IT GLUE | June 04, 2020

One password to rule them all? You got it.

Now all MyGlue users have the option to leverage the power and convenience of SSO. This not only streamlines security and minimizes the number of tickets related to login troubleshooting, but also makes onboarding new MyGlue users a cinch.

One less password for MyGlue users to remember

Add MyGlue to your favourite SAML 2.0 SSO provider, so that clients can seamlessly login and no longer need to remember additional passwords. Since MyGlue will then be included as one of the work applications visible within their SSO provider, adoption and engagement with MyGlue will increase.

Easy MyGlue onboarding for MSPs

SAML JIT provisioning is supported making it easier for MSPs to onboard MyGlue users. MSPs simply have to add MyGlue to the SSO application, and in doing so the new MyGlue user will automatically be created. This eliminates steps of having to create and invite users via the IT Glue interface, and means new users can jump into things quicker. You can choose your favorite SAML 2.0 SSO provider, including: Duo, ADFS, AuthAnvil, Azure, Centrify, G Suite, Okta, OneLogin, Passly, and many others.

One less password to keep track of, and one less possible security risk.

If you don’t have an Identity Access Management (IAM) provider set up yet for your MSP or for your clients, here are some things you should look at.

It’s all about ease of use and convenience. Choose an IAM tool that’s painless for the end user and IT support staff. That means it should be remote-friendly, integrate with applications used, and minimize the need for password resets. With the growth of cyberattacks, an IAM that includes dark web alerts, and that compensates for human error when it comes to phishing attempts is another attractive feature.

If something happens, you’ll also want the ability to remotely revoke login rights with just a few clicks, plus have the option for heightened security through the use of a password vault for login credentials that are especially sensitive.  Of course, a product that is cost-effective and scalable is also an important consideration.

For more information on MyGlue SSO check out the Knowledge Base article.

MyGlue is a client-facing platform that enables collaboration between your MSP and end-users. Documentation becomes a two-way street, and clients can self-serve with the help of operating procedures. MyGlus is packed with easy-to-use features that enhance client productivity, and includes a password vault, to checklists, to security features like audit trail, version history and SOC 2 compliance. Want to take a closer look? Get a demo!

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