Feature Release: MyGlue Default Permissions V2

BY IT GLUE | August 14, 2019

We recently introduced default permissions for MyGlue, and now we’re adding an extra layer of functionality. You now have the option to include any additional MyGlue group, MyGlue individual or IT Glue group in the default permission. This enhancement gives you much greater flexibility to control password visibility in MyGlue, which can have a number of benefits both for your clients and for your team.

MyGlue Groups

As the MSP, you’ll be able to set default security settings for the passwords your MyGlue clients create, based on a selected group or individual(s). Thus, only the right people within your team or your client’s organization have access to the password, from the moment it’s created. This is perfect for setting up MyGlue for team-based passwords.

IT Glue Groups

The inclusion of IT Glue groups in this feature means that you may include your own team in the default permissions. There are certain situations when your team must have access to passwords your clients store in MyGlue, and having the ability to set these permissions gives you greater visibility into your clients’ passwords, where necessary in a collaborative working environment.

For example, if the IT manager at your client’s office updates a password to a server, your team can be set up to automatically have access to that password as well, helping to avoid any potential future confusion.

Powerful Flexibility with MyGlue

Of course, you still have the ability to set default permissions to just the creator of the password.

Depending on how you position MyGlue, MyGlue can be used for personal passwords, team-based passwords and collaboration. For instructions on setting up groups within organizations in MyGlue, and for setting up passwords in MyGlue, click here.

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