Feature Release: IT Glue Announces GlueConnect

BY IT GLUE | November 10, 2016

IT Glue™ is proud to announce the release of our latest feature, GlueConnect. This game changing feature allows you to grant other IT Glue accounts or IT Glue Certified Providers access to your IT Glue data. So if you are an MSP that works with external providers, your life just got easier. And if you’ve ever thought of providing support to other MSPs, we have a powerful answer for you.

Enhance your integration — Start freeing your team’s minds

For many MSPs, GlueConnect solves a critical business issue. If you want to outsource some of your service desk functions, you can now allow your third-party provider access to your data in IT Glue. Since many MSPs already use providers for things like 24-hour coverage, GlueConnect allows those parties to be as productive as your in-house team, which in turn, provides greater opportunities to grow your business. GlueConnect enhances the flexibility of IT Glue, freeing minds for other tasks.

See the benefits

Are you part of a franchise of MSPs, or have you considered being a third-party vendor and provider of services for another MSP? Even if you have planned to outsource your helpdesk services for the smooth and consistent IT support of your clients (e.g., around the clock NOC), the data bridge can become a hassle. Now, GlueConnect is your solution. You have the ability to easily link data directly, securely and efficiently with any of your preferred vendors that have access to the IT Glue platform.

GlueConnect allows you full control over security, so you control what information each GlueConnect Account can access. This allows you to outsource your service desk with confidence. Activity logs will allow you to see what edits the individual users at the third party have made, allowing you to track their performance.

For further details on how to use IT Glue GlueConnect, please consult our Knowledge Base.

The first two verified GlueConnect partners are London-based InBay and Toronto-based Global Mentoring Solutions.

Do you know of a provider you would like to see listed as a Certified Provider? Let us know their details.

What our partners love about it

We can’t thank our partners enough for the collaboration and their initiatives to make IT Glue as innovative and efficient as it is. We had the pleasure to see some real-time feedback from our first GlueConnect certified partner, Dan Goldstein:

The release of GlueConnect will enable our Outsourced Help Desk & NOC team to gain a transparent view into our Partners’ support environment. As one of the first GlueConnect Certified Providers, this will facilitate consistent and real time access to constantly evolving, critical support documentation.

We at GMS see tremendous value in the IT Glue platform as a whole; so much so that MSPs who work with GMS Live Expert will be provided with a license to implement IT Glue. Bringing a proven structure to one of the most challenging components of managing an IT support-driven business.

Dan Goldstein
Director at GMS Live Expert

What thousands of MSPs have discovered is that IT Glue can act as a central hub for all of the information they need in order to better serve their clients and staff. IT Glue also allows businesses to get the information out of their team’s heads and store it in a place where everyone in the organization can easily access it. We are a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize efficiency.

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