When it comes to flexible assets, we don’t want you to lose track of the updates you make. That’s why we’re introducing an awesome new feature, flexible asset revision history. Now, you can track flexible asset history quickly, easily, and painlessly – just like you can with core assets.

What is it?

With flexible asset revision history, it’s like you have your very own, built-in time machine. This feature allows you to browse the full revision history of all your flexible assets. Want to restore that current flexible asset to an earlier version? No problem. You’ll be able to view and compare prior asset versions and see who has edited them. Additionally, you’ll be able to copy and paste text from an earlier version to the current asset version.

Why this is great

With flexible asset revision history you’ll be able to:

  • Perform documentation audits
  • Restore assets back to older versions
  • Reduce frustration associated with fast-fingered mistakes
  • Improve the overall consistency of your documentation

Learn more

Flexible asset revision history is available now for partners and on all plans. For more information on how to use the flexible asset revision history feature, please see our Knowledge Base article.