Feature Release: Engagement Dashboard

BY IT GLUE | November 10, 2016

IT Glue™ is thrilled to announce the release of the Engagement Dashboard within the IT Glue platform. This new feature allows you to track user engagement and gives you insight into your users’ interactions with items in IT Glue. This new feature increases employee engagement in the documentation process while providing useful metrics to your organization.

Increase your employees’ engagement

Engagement techniques make apps interactive and fun. Research shows that using game mechanics gives meaning to routine tasks, provides fun and a sense of mastery, promotes autonomy and increases engagement. The result is a structured experience with clear rules and continuous feedback. Our new IT Glue feature will have benefits to performance management, organizational culture and internal communication. Drive healthy and fun competition among the team while providing helpful metrics to your organization, all thanks to the new Engagement Dashboard.

How it works: Track your assets in IT Glue

IT Glue tracks how many items your users create, update or view and calculates an “engagement” score for each user. Engagement can be viewed on each user’s profile page or on the Global Leaderboard in IT Glue.

The engagement score is calculated using the following:

  • 10 points per asset created
  • 5 points per asset updated
  • 1 point per asset viewed

The engagement score and metrics can be filtered by time period, organization and asset type or viewed across all data.

Help your team to stay engaged

The Global Leaderboard page in IT Glue displays a leaderboard of all users within your account. Here you can see your highest scoring users for all time, the last 60 days or the last 30 days along with a graph of all your users’ cumulative reputation.

Read all about how to use the feature to improve your team’s engagement in our Knowledge Base article.

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