Feature Release: Dark Mode and User-Based Theme Preference

BY IT GLUE | September 30, 2019

Did someone turn the lights out? Nope, the IT Glue interface just got a sexy and sleek new look for the fall. Introducing: Dark Mode.

Dark Mode

While Dark Mode has no impact on the functionality of IT Glue, I think you’ll appreciate it nonetheless. You can now choose between the default (purple), the Classic IT Glue theme, or the new Dark Mode, and overlay the IT Glue interface with black and charcoal shades.

While LCD pixels are easy on the electricity bill, they can be hard on the eyes—especially when your job entails staring at a computer screen 8+ hours of the day. The darker shades will give a more sophisticated look, and hopefully alleviate any issues with chronic dry eye.

User-Based Theme Preference

Not only have we released Dark Mode to make it easier on your eyes, we also released the ability for you to choose your favorite IT Glue theme based on your personal preference.

If you like purple, the Default theme is available. If you like the classic IT Glue look, you can choose the Classic theme. Lastly, if you like black and charcoal shades, the Dark Mode is available for you to choose from.

To switch to your preferred theme, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the navigation bar, and select Edit Profile. The toggle to switch between Default, Classic and Dark Mode is located at the bottom of the page under Theme Selection. Don’t forget to click Save!

Dark Mode and user-based theme preferences are available for all IT Glue partners.

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