Feature Release: Automated Recurring Account Export

BY IT GLUE | June 07, 2021

The lack of control that users feel with cloud-hosted solutions is only exasperated when these solutions go offline. More importantly, a service desk loses valuable productive time when a solution is unavailable, even if it is just for a few minutes. To make sure IT Glue users don’t ever have to go through this again, we have come up with a new feature that can overcome this.

We bring you the “Automated Recurring Account Export” feature, which ensures you have an up-to-date backup of your IT Glue data if and when the main application goes offline. With this new feature, you can get instant access to an up-to-date backup of your data anytime and no longer feel like you lack control.

How It Works

Up to now, technicians have had to export their IT Glue data manually, which, unfortunately, they couldn’t access if the core application ever experienced temporary downtime. Although IT Glue has an uptime of 99.99%, we still understand the importance of having continuous access to your critical data. With the launch of the Automated Recurring Account Report, there will be no need for manual exporting of data any longer.

The setup process involves configuring the start date, frequency (in weeks) and end date. Once you have set it up, you can automate the export of IT Glue data on a recurring basis. You will receive an automated download link that you can use to download the data to your preferred storage solution.

As you start exporting documentation data, the information about your assets, users, business passwords and other critical data will be backed up in your preferred storage solution.

Benefits of Automated Recurring Account Export

This feature will greatly benefit system administrators and managers who need documentation information of their IT infrastructure to make timely decisions. Business continuity is a critical aspect in this competitive business environment, and continuity planning is essential for all MSPs irrespective of their sizes. With Automated Recurring Account Export, admins and managers won’t find themselves in a situation where they are unable to get hold of their documentation data.

Productivity is everything in the business world and the Automated Recurring Account Export feature ensures that high productivity standards are met by providing you with instant access to your data whenever you want. This also gives you a competitive advantage since you can bank on data availability without worrying about whether the core application is online.

Another key benefit of this feature is that it does away with the need for manual intervention in data export. Manual processes lack consistency and require a technician to perform the task. Also, manual processes are prone to unexpected errors. By automating this process, you can not only ensure efficiency and eliminate the possibility of human error, but also free up technician time that would otherwise be spent on performing redundant tasks.

With every new feature, IT Glue aims to make documentation simple and readily accessible for all its users. This new feature takes it one step closer to achieving that.

To know more about Automated Recurring Account Export, read our Knowledge Base article.

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