Feature Release: @relate, .pdf Preview, Multi-User Invite

BY IT GLUE | June 27, 2017

Lazy days of summer? Not a chance! On the heels of the customized sidebar feature we announced yesterday, we’ve shipped three more new features – little things to make your life easier.


Thus, one of the coolest features in IT Glue – relationship mapping – is even easier now. @relate inline linking the item directly following the “@” sign. This creates a relationship instantly, so that you don’t have to manually create that relationship afterwards. When you’re working on a document, you’ll be able to link to any item, asset or other document using the @ sign. The @ symbol will create a link, which makes it easier to click through to a related item.

The @relate feature will further reduce the time it takes to find items in IT Glue. We already offer blazing-fast search, and related items along the right hand sidebar. With @relate, it puts any mentioned item right in the text of a document. When you write an @relate, a related item is automatically created. This is especially handy when there are a lot of related items, because the link to the entry you need is exactly where you need it, so you can understand the relationship in context.

Click here for the Knowledge Base article on using the @relate feature.

PDF Preview

The PDF Preview feature allows you to preview pdf files in a lightbox, instead of having to download them first. There’s not much more to say – it’s quick, it’s slick, and it saves you time and hassle. And that’s why we’ve introduced it.

Multi-User Invite

This feature allows you to invite multiple users at once to IT Glue, which is especially valuable when onboarding a large number of people at once. Now all the users can be added to IT Glue in bulk, rather than individually. Just another improvement to make the lives of our partners easier. Check out the KB article explaining how this works.

These features are all the result of communication with our partners. We put the request feature button in the app precisely to help us learn about and prioritize these sorts of little features that make the user experience of IT Glue that much better. So keep the ideas coming, keep upvoting, and we’ll keep building a better app for you.

To learn about new features, you can subscribe to the blog, sign up for our social media, or keep your eyes on the product updates section in the Knowledge Base.

IT Glue is the leading documentation platform for MSPs, designed to eliminate waste, improve productivity and help you hit your SLAs better. We are committed to continuous improvement, and this means we are constantly rolling out new features. Check our blog or our release notes regularly to learn about the latest features.

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