Essential MSP Software Tools

BY IT GLUE | October 27, 2020

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re re-evaluating your stack, it’s important to take a step back, look at the big picture, and figure out what tools are truly essential for your MSP software.  When you think holistically about your business, it’s easier to make the right choices from among the many options in each category as well.

RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management)

It’s hard to service what you can’t see, and that’s why the RMM is probably the most important part of the MSP stack. The RMM space is highly competitive, which means there’s a lot of choice in terms of features and integrations. Look for an RMM that integrates well with your other key tools, and you’ll get more value from it.

PSA (Professional Services Automation)

The concept for the PSA is to serve as a hub for a lot of what you do. This central role makes the PSA an essential part of the stack for most managed service companies, especially ones that intend to scale. The legacy PSA systems are often feature-rich, but can also be unwieldy as a result. Lighter PSAs strip out some of the bells & whistles in favor of a focus on core functions.

IT Documentation

Where the RMM and PSA gather a lot of the information you need to run a managed services business, your documentation platform serves as the hub for all of that data. IT Glue has a ton of integrations, makes it easy to automate almost everything, and the related items feature allows you to get value from your documentation in the form of increased technician efficiency.  If there’s other documentation platforms out there, I wouldn’t know about that.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

There’s two reasons why you need these two functions in your stack. One is that your clients need you to provide these services in case bad things happen; it’s an important part of managing their IT.  The second reason is that your clients will pay you for it. Backup and disaster recovery is a pretty good revenue generator for MSPs and you didn’t get into business to leave money laying around on the table.

Now when you pull back to see the big picture, one other thing stands out. These four essential MSP software tools need to work well together. The stronger the integrations between the different parts of your stack, the smoother the flow of information will be, the more efficient your team will be, and the better position you’ll be to effectively manage IT for your clients. So when researching, don’t just look at the list of integrations on a company’s webpage, but get under the hood a little bit and see precisely how those integrations will help your business.

With that said, I will now leave you to research your options.

Except for documentation.

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