Encrypted Account Export

BY IT GLUE | January 09, 2020

IT Glue is stepping into the new year with a brand new capability. The platform already provides a level of security higher than any other documentation solution on the market, and we’ve added a new ability that increases the security and privacy of exported data.

IT Glue Administrators have always had the capability to export the data of an account or a specific organization, which is downloaded as a zipped folder that holds Core and Flexible Assets in CSV files, Documents in HTML format, Passwords, Attachments, and Activity Logs.

With the new encrypted account export capability, Administrators are now able to set a password for the exported file prior to starting the export. Without the password, unauthorized personnel are unable to unlock the zipped folder, and your clients’ data is protected by yet another layer of security.

This ability not only secures client data when it leaves the walls of the IT Glue fortress, but also streamlines the process for establishing a password protected folder—saving time and effort.

For more details on this new feature, please refer to our Exporting and backing up account data Knowledge Base article.

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