How Efficiency Drives Effectiveness

BY IT GLUE | February 12, 2019

How many times have you heard us bring up efficiency? We talk about it all the time, and that’s because IT Glue is a fantastic tool for improving your efficiency. So let me ask you this – what does this efficiency do for you? Because here’s what it should be doing.

The true value of efficiency

I read an article on LinkedIn the other day that highlighted the true value of efficiency. It’s not about that short-run immediate bottom line impact, although improving margins and increasing profits sure feels good. The true value of efficiency is that it allows you to increase your effectiveness. You take a bunch of stuff out of your brain, and doing so frees up space in your mind for other things. Things you maybe never thought about before. Or you thought about them, but never followed through because you didn’t have the time.

What this means for you

If a task that used to take an hour now takes ten minutes, that’s fifty minutes you have just sitting there, a blank for you to do whatever you want. If your MSP is a lifestyle business, maybe you pick up that guitar, or hit the trails with your mountain bike, or help your kids with their homework.

If your MSP is your retirement fund, take that fifty minutes and turn it into creativity. Creativity is what happens when your brain actually has time to process the information it has received. Innovation is what occurs when your brain starts making unorthodox connections. The ideas that will transform your business can hit you after a lengthy whiteboard session, or they can come from a flash of inspiration when you are nowhere near your office. In either case, the downtime afforded to your brain by removing the burden of thinking about routine processes will help you substantially.

Why we just can’t stop talking about efficiency

So the next time you’re thinking, “they really drive home the idea of efficiency at IT Glue.” You’re right. But that’s because we really believe that the efficiency IT Glue offers can completely transform your business both in terms of your processes and the freedom you have for creative innovation.

That flash of inspiration? That’s what drives you forward.

So start freeing your mind today and use the power of efficiency to dramatically increase your effectiveness. Sign up for a demo or get in touch with your Account Manager.

Yes, sign me up for a demo!

What thousands of MSPs have come to discover is that IT Glue can act as a central hub for all of the information they need in order to better serve their clients and staff. IT Glue also allows businesses to get the information out of their team’s heads and store it in a place where everyone in the organization can easily access it. We are a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation app packed with features designed to help you maximize efficiency.

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