Documenting Code Snippets

BY IT GLUE | July 18, 2022

With over 13,000 partners and an endless array of features, IT Glue has become something of a Swiss Army knife of the IT industry. However, that’s entirely by design. We want IT pros like you to come up with new and interesting uses for our IT documentation solution and develop an expansive vision for what IT documentation can be.

Here’s a neat use case that crossed our desk recently that we thought we’d share with you – documenting code snippets. Here’s an example:

The mechanics are fairly straightforward. You simply paste your code into a new IT Glue document. No special tricks required. The value here is in our related items feature – linking the document with the code snippet to the SOP document that references the code snippet.

You can now leverage our Flexible Assets feature to organize data and create your own documentation structure. By linking related items and giving structure to your documentation, you can make information access much easier than what you have right now.

For instance, let’s say you are working on a new mobile application that requires different code snippets. With Flexible Assets, you can capture all the information required in one place along with your SOPs and other documentation. When you work on it in the future, you don’t have to go through the trouble of locating your individual documents from different places in your IT infrastructure.

Imagine the time you can save by using IT documentation this way. The possibilities are endless. By bringing structure to your critical workflows, you can eliminate time waste, reduce errors, access information easily and more.

Documentation doesn’t have to be a one-way street. There’s always room for creativity. Think about similar uses of IT documentation in your own organization. If you can come up with new uses for IT Glue, you can take your documentation to a whole new level.

The more you innovate, the more you benefit!

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