10 Ways IT Documentation Can Help You Live to 100

BY IT GLUE | June 18, 2019

Living a long, happy, healthy life isn’t just something for other people, it’s a goal we can all shoot for. And if your life is happy and healthy, why shouldn’t it be long? So what does that have to do with IT documentation? More than you’d think. Turns out having proper, structured, centralized documentation can have a positive influence on the factors that make one healthy, happy and long-lived. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

#1. Reduce Stress

A meta-analysis published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that “job satisfaction level is an important factor influencing the health of workers,” and recommends that “organisations should include the development of stress management policies to identify and eradicate work practices that cause the most job dissatisfaction…to improve employee health.” In the most recent IT Glue Global MSP Benchmark Survey, 79% of IT Glue partners indicated that IT Glue helped them reduce time, 71% said it improved the quality of their techs’ work, and 62% said it improved onboarding/offboarding activities. That sounds like reduced stress to me.

#2 More Time for Exercise

Exercise is one of the best correlates with good health in old age, including reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease, reducing the likelihood of dementia, and reducing frailty, which would improve one’s quality of life. In our modern world, there isn’t always time for exercise. But the Global Benchmark Survey indicates that 87% of MSPs have experienced time waste reductions of 1 hour or more as a result of implementing IT Glue. An hour? Sounds like time for a workout.

#3 More Money

A study in the Journal of the European Economic Association reveals that one’s level of wealth is correlated with living longer. Makes sense, really. The wealthy have better access to health care, cleaner diets, and exercise more, all factors relating to living longer. In the 2018 Global MSP Benchmark Survey, IT Glue partners were more likely to report increased revenue in the prior year, and higher margins. Documentation is a tool you can use to earn more, and when you do, you’ll increase your chances of living to 100.

#4 More Time for Healthy Meals

Eating well is a known correlate for living longer, even when controlling for income. But we all know that it takes more time to shop for healthy ingredients and prepare them properly, when compared with ducking out to the nearest fast food. IT Glue’s time waste reduction can be put to good use, giving you the time needed to ensure a healthier diet.

#5 More Time Spent Relaxing with Family

Since almost all IT Glue partners save 5-10 hours per week (1-2 hours per day), that’s a lot of extra time. So even if you add in a workout routine, and healthier eating, you still have time left over for quality family time. Time spent with loved ones increases one’s life satisfaction, reduces stress, and provides a sense of purpose, all things that are related to living longer.

#6 Focus on Your Purpose

Take a few of those minutes each day to read, pray, meditate, or otherwise focus on finding your true purpose. The motivation that comes from knowing why you wake up every day, and pursuing that purpose with clear action, is a powerful tool that the world’s healthiest old people take full advantage of.

#7 Retire Younger

When you make more money, you can retire younger. But more importantly, if you run an IT service business, IT documentation puts you in a better position to sell at a high valuation because the business is built on repeatable processes and is not dependent on you. Retire younger, have less stress, more time for the things you love. It all comes together to help you live longer and happier.

#8 Better Sleep

Sleep is correlated with a wide variety of positive health outcomes. What helps you sleep better than knowing that your techs have a higher quality of work, that tickets are solved faster, and that you have a higher standard of security? These are all attributes that 50% or more of IT Glue partners report.

#9 Move to Japan

There are more centenarians in Japan than anywhere else in the world. IT Glue can help you run your business from anywhere because everything is automated and cloud-based. So whether your happy place is a beach, a mountain cabin, or wherever, you can use documentation to make your team self-sufficient, and spend more time in places where life is conducive to long-living. Including Japan.

#10 More Time for Fishing

Fishing combines a lot of things that are great for living to 100 – fresh air, time spent relaxing, and of course, fish are a key component to a healthy diet. So take that extra time IT Glue gives you back and go fishing.

So you can see that while there are no scientific studies to show beyond a doubt that IT service providers who document comprehensively will live to 100, the known benefits that IT Glue gives IT service providers, especially eliminating wasted time, are all related to the factors that help people live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. So automate your documentation with IT Glue, and start living better today. Sign up for a demo below.

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