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BY IT GLUE | July 24, 2018

It’s no secret that the tech industry, while trailblazing in some areas, is a generation or two behind in cultural and gender diversity. In one recent survey by a prominent channel company showed, 87% of the MSP space is male.

Furthermore, several high profile tech companies have come under fire for their working environments in recent years, in particular where oppressive environments and a “brogrammer culture” have resulted in sometimes severe underrepresentation of female workers. This seems even more surprising when you consider that major tech hubs in California, Seattle and Boston are also some of the most politically progressive places on earth. If the gender divide persists in tech in those places, that shows just how deep-rooted the problem is.

Diversity in tech is a complex issue. It relates to traditional gender and racial bias, to the underrepresentation of women in STEM education, and to the overall organizational culture of tech firms large and small. At IT Glue, we know that we aren’t going to change the world from under one roof, but we are certainly committed to doing our part towards making tech a more inclusive space, one employee at a time.

As an equal opportunity employer, our commitment to diversity is baked into our DNA. This encompasses our interactions, behaviours and standards across all departments of the company. We are proud that our development team is comprised of 40% females and that we have cultural representation from 15 countries around the globe within our Vancouver and Reading offices (see header map).

In comparison to a 17% female development team at Google, and figures in the mere single digits in other prominent tech companies, we feel that our efforts to hire the best regardless of gender and race are paying off. We also have strong representation of foreign-born employees and members of the LGBTQ community amongst our employee base – all of whom play an integral role in IT Glue’s fast and steady pace of innovation.

If your core values align with IT Glue’s focus on diversity and innovation in the workplace, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our careers page for a list of current openings here. If you don’t see an opening that fits you currently, be sure to check back regularly as we are growing like crazy and finding the right people is part of our secret sauce. Our inclusive, unbiased hiring practices focus on talent and fit, regardless of gender or cultural background, something that is reflected in the team you’ll be working with.

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Allison Hicks is the VP, People & Culture, at IT Glue.

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