The Importance of Data Resilience

BY IT GLUE | March 02, 2017

When major cloud infrastructure outages occur, the thoughts of IT pros will naturally turn to the resiliency of their cloud software providers. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) issues of February 28th prompted many of our partners to consider the big “what-if” questions.

Trust is one of our core values, and we know that data resilience and continuity is of utmost importance to our partners. With that in mind, we wanted to give a refresher about our infrastructure, so that you can get a better sense of the steps we take to ensure that your data is available, even in the event of issues with AWS.

A Brief Overview of the IT Glue Infrastructure

We fully understand that there may be concerns about the integrity of your data as a result of an outage. In light of this, we wanted to take the time to explain more about the resiliency we have built into IT Glue™ to ensure that you have no concerns about possible data loss in the future.

IT Glue’s platform is hosted in AWS. This is made up of front-end web servers, servers responsible for integrations, search services, file services, and our database back end. The entire environment is designed for maximum fault tolerance and business continuity.

AWS includes significant fault tolerance within each geographic region, but we’ve extended that significantly. Our database back end, for example, is automatically replicated live to another physically-separate datacenter, with different failure characteristics within the same geographic region (known as an availability zone). In addition, it is also replicated to another instance in an entirely different AWS geographic region.

Our application is designed in such a way that we can survive a significant failure even within the same availability zone and continue without an outage. Were a disaster to strike, we are able to recover our entire infrastructure to an entirely different region of the country in a matter of minutes.

We are continuously working to improve on this while also paying just as much attention to ensuring our compliance with security standards such as SOC 2.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact us and we would be glad to discuss this further. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty.

Local Backup Availability

Some of you have wondered if you can get local backups of your IT Glue data. Yes! You may export data into a .ZIP at any time or a list of assets into a .csv file to maintain your own copy of your IT Glue data.

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