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BY IT GLUE | November 25, 2020

Want amazing documentation? Of course you do. Do you also want amazing documentation that is easy to create and then use to improve the way you do your job? Absolutely.

So how do you get there? We all know that documentation takes time and effort to create, and we also know that the more manual effort you have to put into it, the less you’re going to document.

The key to having great documentation that adds value to your business is to automate as much of it as humanly possible. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

We’re going to assume that you’re planning to document in IT Glue. I may be a little biased, but IT Glue is by far the most mature product on the market, and quite frankly if you take documentation seriously you wouldn’t use anything else.

IT Glue has a lot of built in automation, in our 30+ native integrations, and all the integrations that other companies have built using our RESTFUL API. Then, we have Network Glue, which automates network discovery, documentation and diagramming.

Our partner base is pretty engaged as well, and has created a variety of scripts to help automate even more things, and on our Git repo you can find tools to help you build your own automation. Not bad, right?

What’s more, because we’re the industry standard, other companies have built tools to help get automate even more documentation. We ran a webinar series with Liongard where we talked about this.

There’s a lot of valuable things to document, so what you really want to focus on is finding a tool that gives you options. Look for a documentation system that is comprehensive, lets you document as much as possible, and lets you automate as much as possible. Doing it manually just doesn’t make sense anymore.

To learn more about automating documentation with IT Glue, why not check out our API Whitepaper.

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Webinar: Efficiency Unleashed: Leveraging Predictive AI to Streamline IT Documentation

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