2-Way Sync With Autotask’s Location Field

BY IT GLUE | March 23, 2020

IT Glue has the highest number of integrations compared to any other IT documentation solution on the market, and these integrations are always being improved and updated. Strong integrations mean that IT Glue and your other tools speak to each other, ensuring they’re on the same page, and that you’re always looking at up-to-date information.

For our partners using Autotask PSA, we have a new update that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. In a world where our responsibilities seem to increase exponentially, automation is an absolute necessity. This includes having even the most insignificant fields in one tool, mirrored in IT Glue. Now in addition to fields like account name, contacts, and tickets being 2-way synced with IT Glue, now locations also automatically sync with Autotask PSA. With 2-way sync, this means no matter where the technicians are, they can update information in either Autotask PSA or IT Glue, instead of toggling between them.

If you have been documenting your locations in IT Glue, we added a new checkbox in IT Glue to give you the autonomy to sync locations from Autotask PSA whenever this information is accurately documented in your Autotask PSA.

For best sync results, please ensure that the Location field within configuration items in your Autotask PSA is up-to-date as the Location field of an IT Glue configuration will pull from the Location field of the syncing configuration item in Autotask PSA.

For more information, check out the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

When you have your location information accurately documented in Autotask PSA, you can click the checkbox in IT Glue to start syncing the locations from your PSA.If you haven’t experienced the power of IT Glue or flexibility that’s enabled through all our integrations, we invite you to sign up for a demo of our documentation solution. See what you’ve been missing!

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