The #GlueCrew at Autotask Community Live 2016

BY IT GLUE | September 29, 2016

It is a busy week for the #GlueCrew on the road. We started things off with a trip to the Autotask Community Live 2016, at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, FL. This event saw Chris Day, Founder and CEO, and Dave Goldie, VP of Sales, holding court at the IT Glue™ booth, spreading the word about documentation zen. The event was well-attended, and we were able to speak with many MSPs. There was a strong foreign contingent as well — who doesn’t love an excuse to visit Miami?

The feedback we received from our partners was exceptional — partners would come to the booth just to tell us how much they loved IT Glue, and how positively it has impacted their business. Our booth became one of the most popular at the show as word of mouth spread about our product.

Dave Goldie, VP of Sales, manning the booth at Autotask Community Live

At IT Glue, we’re big on spreading the love, and we want you to come by our booth. The giveaway at Autotask was an Apple TV, and the winner was Perry Ashby of Urban Networks, who was in from London, UK for the event.

All in all, Autotask Community Live 2016 was a phenomenal success for the #GlueCrew. The fall roadshow continues and we look forward to meeting many more of our partners and future partners in the coming months.

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