IT Glue Announces RMM Integrations with Atera, Panorama9

BY IT GLUE | February 16, 2017

IT Glue™ is pleased to announce two new RMM integrations, with Atera and Panorama9. Getting these two RMMs on board is an excellent opportunity for their clients to learn about IT Glue’s documentation platform.

As with our previous RMM integrations, users will now be able to import data from Panorama9 and Atera directly into IT Glue. This makes documenting things like memory, disk and CPU easier than ever before.

The integration will provide a number of benefits:

  • Rich configuration data including: CPU, memory, disk usage, last reboot, etc.
  • Near real-time information that’s always accurate
  • Eliminates the need to enter configuration data manually — simply bulk create
  • Minimize downtime by reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot problems
  • Enhanced team performance by having even more data in one place

If you work with one of these RMMs, please see the relevant Knowledge Base articles to learn more about how to integrate with IT Glue.

As always, these integrations will be available to all partners on all plans.

Panorama9 is based in San Francisco, and includes features like multi-tenant support, API so you can keep access to your data, and company-specific branding.

Atera is based in Tel Aviv. They aim to have a single code base for RMM, PSA and remote access, to deliver an intuitive user experience and an infinitely scalable architecture.

Founded in 2013, IT Glue is a process-driven organization. IT Glue is the world leader in MSP documentation. Our integrations with leading PSA and RMM platforms, along with other communications tools, allows information to flow seamlessly throughout your organization, reducing the friction that creates as much as 20% wasted time for your techs. By eliminating this waste, IT Glue helps you improve your bottom line.

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