Announcing XaaS and the Future of IT Panel at GlueX

BY IT GLUE | July 02, 2019

Breaking news! We’re adding a panel on XaaS and the Future of IT to our GlueX program. What’s XaaS? Everything as a service, and it’s an area with massive potential for MSPs. There’s a lot of different services that are grouped under the XaaS banner, but it’s a business estimated to grow at with nearly 40% CAGR over the next few years. The underlying trends are very favorable – the IoT and cloud in particular have led to the rapid development of recurring revenue business models. That recurring revenue will provide you with stable income streams that make it easier for you to manage your costs and profitability. So join our expert panel to learn how you can tap into the exceptional opportunities presented by XaaS.

We’ve brought together four industry experts to outline the opportunities in this panel discussion about XaaS and the Future of IT.

Jay McCall is the co-founder of DevPro Journal and XaaS Journal. He’s been covering the IT industry for 19 years, and in 2018 created the XaaS Journal, which serves as an educational resource and guide for IT solutions providers such as yourself to grow stable and profitable businesses using the XaaS model.

Nicole Mead is the Business Development Director for GreatAmerica. She’s a liaison for HTG, and is a frequent industry speaker. Nicole specializes in developing custom programs that adapt to current consumer buying trends, of which XaaS is one of the biggest.

Juan Fernandez has dedicated his career to improving service delivery. As VP of Managed IT Services for ImageNet Consulting, Juan has created effective business models for DaaS, DRaaS, HaaS, and XaaS. His vision and insight into emerging business models is a big addition to this panel.

Kris Blackmon is the Content Director at Informa Tech, and the Senior Editor at Channel Partners and Channel Futures. She leads the MSP 501 initiative, and her work as a journalist in the field has given her deep knowledge of different business models, and how MSPs are rolling out XaaS today.

The XaaS Panel will shed light on some of the many different opportunities that exist for MSPs who want to think creatively about their business models, and build a strong recurring revenue practice.

Experience the XaaS Panel, only at GlueX, from September 15-17th, at the 5-star Phoenician Resort in Phoenix, AZ, along with keynote speakers Captain “Sully” Sullenberger of the Miracle on the Hudson, LEGO Innovation and Technology expert David Robertson, and MSP channel expert Paul Dippell.

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