Announcing GlueX: It’s more than a Conference. It’s an Experience.

BY IT GLUE | December 04, 2018

Technology is the result of humanity’s insatiable appetite for improvement, for problem-solving, and for experimentation. When you work in tech, you see this every day. Nothing is static – everything is up for review. In this business, we exist in a state of constant change. If you fight it, or if you don’t move with it, you can quickly get left behind.

At IT Glue, our vision has always been to create unique, game-changing experiences for the MSP community. And while our inaugural user conference, GlueCon, was a fun and hugely successful venture, our most valuable takeaway was inspiration to make it so much more.

With that being said, we’re excited to announce a branding evolution of our annual user conference to more accurately reflect our core philosophy of continuous improvement – of evolution – and of experience. IT Glue’s GlueCon has taken on a new future-facing signature called GlueX.

As the name suggests, GlueX is all about the experience. In the sumptuous Phoenician Resort, framed by Camelback Mountain and its majestic saguaros, we have something profound in store for you. With an impressive array of speakers, immersive workshops, and first-class entertainment being lined up, GlueX is the natural evolution of our user conference into something that doesn’t just impress people, but redefines what value and experience really means to the MSP community.

Our entire industry is undergoing a state of change – its very own kind of evolution. Security, automation and emerging technologies like AI and everything-as-a-service are at the forefront of the conversation about the future of the MSP business.

We want to give you an experience that helps push your MSP forward amongst these changes – an experience surrounding innovation, evolution, and mastery. Our partners will come to GlueX for fresh ideas and new technologies and leave with actionable insights that they can implement immediately to take their business from good to great.

The bar is set anew. GlueX is the all-encompassing experience you’ve been waiting for that will leave you feeling empowered to radically enhance your business, bursting with insights and vision for your MSP. GlueX is not about incremental improvements, but about completely transforming your vision of what your company can be. And we’re doing that by transforming our vision of what the IT Glue Experience can be. GlueX.

Super Early Bird Pricing for GlueX tickets are available until December 31st. Reserve yours while you can.

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2018 Attendee Feedback

“GlueCon was 100% the best event I have attended in 26 years. The venue, the food, the swag, the speakers, the freedom to speak, the bottomless coffee, the parties, the drinks…. All of it was off the charts.”

“I took away more in the last 36 hours than probably the last 3 years!”

“I came expecting a conference about documentation. Instead, I found an event that concisely captured where the MSP market is, where it’s headed, and how to best take advantage of this opportunity.”

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