Announcing CrewHu Integration

BY IT GLUE | December 06, 2017

IT Glue™ is now integrated with CrewHu’s employee recognition platform. CrewHu helps you motivate your crew to create, edit and update your documentation. And because CrewHu is built specifically for the MSP market, they’re experts specifically in getting IT techs to be enthusiastic about performing routine tasks.

This integration was built by CrewHu using IT Glue’s API, which we make available to third-parties to build integrations. The CrewHu team recognized two important things: that IT Glue is the standard for IT documentation, and that even the best teams need a little bit of encouragement to get to 100% complete and up-to-date documentation.

“Our goal is to bring out the best in your crew,” explains CrewHu’s founder, Stephen Spiegel. “A lot of MSPs tell us they can’t get guys to log time for things like documentation, which is why we started looking at IT Glue.”

After contacting IT Glue and mapping out what they wanted from the integration, CrewHu’s team was able to get the API access and build the integration within just a couple of weeks. With the integration, CrewHu clients can track the contributions of their different crew members to the creation and maintenance of their documentation.

According to Spiegel, “CrewHu likes to track the little wins that occur day-to-day in an MSP. It makes teams happier and more productive to receive recognition for their daily contributions.”

To set up your integration between CrewHu and IT Glue, simply consult CrewHu’s SOP.

IT Glue is thrilled to have CrewHu on board as an integration partner, and looks forward to working with other channel companies to facilitate the build of new integrations using our REST API.

For more information on CrewHu, visit their website. To learn more about IT Glue’s suite of integrations and features, sign up for free demo:

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