8 Tips from the IT Glue Success Team for a Better User Experience

BY IT GLUE | March 13, 2017

Every day, the Partner Success team at IT Glue knocks out tickets, and helps onboard new clients. They know the product inside and out; they know all the little tricks and tips. It seemed like a good idea to gather up some of those insider tips, tricks and hacks and pass them along to the IT Glue-loving world at large. Some of these you might know, but some you might not. Without further ado, we present to you the IT Glue Partner Success pro-tips.

To start, a great tip on public documents from Jasonda.

Tip #1

“Use “Make this document public” feature to create articles that would be helpful to all of your customers…i.e. “how to detect a phishing email”
– Jasonda

From Javier, a great keyboard shortcut.

Tip #2

“Use the period key on your keyboard to access the recent items menu. Then press the number of the item you want to navigate to.” – Javier

Director of Partner Success Tom has some great advice for conceptualizing your documentation.

Tip #3

“Concerning flexible assets, adding complexity to the simple is so much easier than simplifying the complex”. – Tom

Tip #4

“When building your documentation for the first time, be strategic with what assets you focus on first, and keep the fields simple.” – Tom

Tip #5

“Spend some time designing your Site Summary asset for your team. Make it as
complicated as it needs to be, AND as simple as possible. Use this scenario – if one of your team picks up the phone to a high profile client in a panic that she’s totally unfamiliar with, what are the 10 things you want her to know about this client’s environment immediately to succeed on that call.” – Tom

On the matter of structure, relationship mapping is key.

Tip #6

“Whenever you create a new item in ITG, relate it to something else using the Related Items right away. Before you know it, you’ll have one-click connections everywhere you look!” – Jasonda

Tip #7.

“If you have to search for something while using a record, relate it! That way you don’t have to search again and your colleagues don’t have to either.”
– Javier

And lastly Javier has some great advise for creating process documents in IT Glue.

Tip #8.

“Use step blocks in the document editor when creating processes. This way you can add durations to each step and get a total time when you publish it. Never accidentally start a 5 hour process at 4pm on a Friday again!” – Javier

There’s some great advice in there as to how to improve your IT Glue experience, from the pros who know the tool the best. Until next time!

At IT Glue we are committed to the principle that when our partners succeed, we succeed. So we want to do what we can to make your MSP the best possible. That means providing you with a constant flow of product upgrades and value-added services, a Knowledge Base over 150 articles strong, and an entire team committed to your success. Let’s take this journey together.

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