New to IT Glue? Here’s 7 Things You Should Know (Guest Blog)

BY IT GLUE | June 18, 2018

Just signed up and about to implement IT Glue in your MSP business?

Read my top tips and avoid making the same mistakes we made.

  1. Make full use of the built-in integrations to other popular tools such as Autotask and Continuum. Once setup, items will automatically sync bringing in clients, contacts, and detailed information about desktops and servers from your other tools.
  2. Don’t jump in and go crazy modifying flexible assets or even trying to create your own; start and implement the basics first. One mistake we made was creating lots of custom assets before we really knew what information we needed and how best to store it. Remember to tag everything where possible rather than embedding information into text fields.
  3. Automate as much as possible using PowerShell scripts. The IT Glue GitHub page has some great examples on how to automatically update Office 365 licensing and user information report back server shares, user permissions, Active Directory group memberships and a whole lot more.
  4. You must, must, must link related items together by tagging them. Some of the power in IT Glue stems from how it links items together. Speed up the troubleshooting process for engineers by linking an internet line to a firewall to a switch to a server and so on. Make it easy for new engineers to find the information they need quickly and easily.
  5. Nail down your configuration and password types before you start entering anything. Configuration and password types allow you to mark passwords and devices with their type such as ‘Local User Account’, ‘Office 365 Global Administrator’, ‘Datto BDR Device’. This makes it much easier to find the types of devices and passwords you need quickly.
  6. Implement Lucidchart for making network diagrams and embed them into IT Glue. Make full use of the Hot Links feature so engineers can view a network click on a device and jump straight to its configuration page within IT Glue.
  7. Create common user guides under your internal client and set them to public so you can share them with different clients. Create how-to guides for setting up email on Android phones, using Office 365 and more. Build up a library over time so that your helpdesk technicians can use it to help users resolve problems and learn new skills.

About the author
Ian Waters is a partner at MSP Southern IT Networks and works as the Technical Director keeping on top of the technical challenges in the business. He recently offered to share his experience onboarding IT Glue, for the benefit of other MSPs who are new to the platform. Ian has been working in IT for over 14 years since finishing his Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He’s also an Office 365 expert and author of the book Microsoft Office 365 – Exchange Online Implementation and Migration – Second Edition.

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