4 Reasons IT Documentation is the Key to Your Success

BY IT GLUE | January 12, 2016

IT Documentation is the structured recording of information pertaining to an IT ecosystem. This includes configurations, such as devices, switches, workstations and servers, as well as passwords, contact information, SSL certificates, and internal standard operating procedures.

You can’t truly succeed without great documentation. It’s that simple. There’s a reason that even after 3 years this is still by far one of our most popular blog posts. You hear about the importance of documentation, but to truly get on board, and get your team on board for that matter, you need to understand exactly why documentation is such an integral aspect of your business.

So here are 4 reasons why documentation is key to your business’ success:

1. Employees don’t have to be mind-readers

If you want someone to do something the most efficient way possible, you document it. By documenting your processes, you ensure efficiency, consistency, and peace of mind for anyone involved. This kind of standardization between processes ensures everyone in your organization is working the same way towards the same outcome. This benefits not only your customers who are receiving a consistent service experience, but for your bottom line as there isn’t any variation in how things are getting done.

2. Training time and cost are reduced

Say goodbye to having new team members learn about your organization via osmosis. With great documentation, a new hire is able to quickly learn about your internal processes and your customer environments, without the constant shoulder tapping. Less time is taken up trying to get them up to speed on how things are done because it’s all there in the documentation for them to see, rather than stored in the repository of someone’s mind.

Plus, bringing on new staff is pricey, which means you want to make the most out of all of your new hires. To see how much it’s really costing your organization to train new team members, check this out.

3. You make more money

Time is money. The faster and more consistently you can complete tasks, the more you can do. Likewise, documenting important information means less time is wasted trying to locate it. A significant source of time waste for MSPs is searching for information.

Documentation is a competitive advantage. When you showcase the processes you have in place to crush tickets, or how you document a client’s environment, your clients won’t just be choosing your services based on a price tag.

4. Documentation demonstrates that you are a professional organization

Great documentation practices show your customers and prospects that you’re dedicated and committed in your role as a gatekeeper of their mission-critical information. It shows your staff that you are committed to providing them with the best tools to assist them in doing their job in an efficient way. And lastly, it shows potential buyers that your business has created a tangible asset to buy. They know what they’re buying, and the documentation in place eases the transition process if they do.

Documentation can play a pivotal role in ensuring your business’ success. Great communication is and will always be at the heart of any business. Great documentation just takes that communication and puts it in a manageable framework that everyone can access for success.

When it comes to IT documentation, not all platforms are created equal. To make the right choice, you need to know what to look for.

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