Announcing the 2021 IT Glue Global Benchmark Survey

BY IT GLUE | February 07, 2021

Yes, you read it right! We are back with another edition of our annual Global Benchmark Survey. This will be the fourth edition of the report, and with your help, we hope to make it our most detailed and comprehensive report yet.

It presents another opportunity for you to win some fantastic prizes, all while contributing to the report and helping us uncover valuable industry insights and trends for you.

Last year, we ran the first survey in February 2020 and then ran a follow-up two months later in May after the pandemic hit. This year, we want to get a sense of where things stand now that we’re locked in an epic battle between infections and injections. Do you see good times ahead? Or are you nervous about how it’s all going to pan out? We’re curious to know as well and so are your peers.

Although much has been written about MSPs, benchmarking data has been sparse. That’s what prompted the launch of this annual survey. It covers a wide range of topics surrounding the ins and outs of running a managed service provider (MSP) business, which we then condense into a comprehensive report that provides eye-opening insights into the state of the industry. All MSPs who complete the survey will receive first dibs on the Survey Report.

In addition to this valuable business intelligence, MSPs who complete the survey will also be eligible for a prize draw. This year, we are awarding prizes in the form of 8 x $500 Amazon gift cards and a grand prize of a $1000 Amazon gift card. Isn’t that awesome?

If you want to set your MSP benchmarks based on reliable industry insights, all you need to do is spare 15 minutes of your time to fill out this form and make this study a success.

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