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Why IT Glue

IT Glue is proud of our successful MSPs from around the globe who are driving operational efficiency with our platform. See what our partners are saying about IT Glue™ and find out why over 2,000 organizations have fallen in love with our leading documentation platform.


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If I had this years ago, I guarantee I would be 10x as big and 20x as profitable.  IT Glue has made running this business fun again.
  • Matt Weaver, Owner
  • Agile Business Systems (Pittsburgh, PA)
Moving to IT Glue has been a game changer for our business. We've saved lots of engineering time by increasing the speed at which staff access client settings, and more importantly, understand the information.
  • Jamie Clague, Technical Director
  • Dunedin IT (Edinburgh, Scotland)
IT Glue has helped our company become more efficient. It is easier and faster to find the information we're looking for since everything is in an organized structure. Our staff is more inclined to add or update documentation on the fly, thus making our documentation better.
  • James Lijewski, Support Centre Team Leader
  • i3 Business Solutions (Grand Rapids, MI)
It is also adding value to the services that we offer our clients because the increased efficiency filters directly down to those clients and their IT systems. As a result, having IT Glue in place has made me far more confident in selling managed services to both new and existing clients.
  • David Silvester, Owner
  • Qwerty IT Services (Perth, Scotland)
We've been searching for a tool like IT Glue for years. Finally our documentation system matches the way we think about our clients infrastructure and information. Linked password and licensing information to installation guides? Check! Autotask and Zapier integration? Check! Live links in network diagrams? Check!!! Seriously, best tool ever. You guys rule!
  • Jesse Johnson, Senior Technician
  • Brightworks Group (Noblesville, IN)
IT Glue has helped the way in which we store and access information for our clients systems both from our office and while out in the field. This has saved us a lot of time and also made phone calls into the office for details disappear, thus resulting in greater productivity and increased customer satisfaction. IT Glue is especially useful in its ability to sync data from our PSA and RMM tools, making this a fantastic one stop shop for useful information. Highly recommended!
  • Matt Rowe, Technical Team Leader & Account Manager
  • LMS Group (Barnham, England)
IT Glue has really helped us get our documentation game on point. We have been able to streamline the onboarding process for new clients and obtain all of the information we need the first time. It makes finding the information we need for our existing clients and support staff a complete breeze. Often times we can get the exact data we need with only a few clicks. I don't know how we survived without IT Glue before.
  • Glenn Porter, President
  • 5th Gear Technology Concepts (Nashville, TN)
Since adopting IT Glue there has been a new passion for documentation. Our engineers love the system and keep finding new, great, innovative ways to use the tool. Thank you so much for such a great, new system to help us better serve our clients.
  • Scott Huotari, President
  • Creative Computer Solutions, Inc. (Vancouver, WA)
Trying to use the built in tools of other products for documentation didn't fly with our company. So we went out to find the best vendor that their business was documentation. IT Glue was the clear winner. IT Glue has made documentation easy, flexible, and keeps it structured to the point that it's now just a part of our culture.
  • Foster Charles, CEO
  • Charles IT (Middletown, CT)
It's not often that a technical team gets excited about new systems - but when IT Glue was announced at our workplace there were immediate cheers. Weeks later, I'm still getting pats on the back for bringing your product on board.
  • Stephen Gibson, Director
  • After Dark Technology (Bowen Hills, Australia)

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