Upcoming Webinar: MSP Cost Savers – The Cost of New Employees

By |2021-04-14T12:02:25-07:00April 14th, 2021|

The cost of on-boarding a new employee is over £30,000 and when you're backfilling the roles of lost employees, this is just a cost to your business and a sap on your bottom line profits. During this session we investigate exactly where that £30k cost comes from and apply this to an MSP on-boarding process. Join us for this to-the-point webinar to discover how you can reduce the costs associated with bringing new team members on board. 

Upcoming Webinar: MSP How To #4 – Optimise your processes and work flows in under a minute

By |2021-04-14T10:32:57-07:00April 14th, 2021|

It's time for Session #4! Join the 2021 MSP How To series, where we deliver 20-minute bitesize sessions to demonstrate how IT Glue can help you quickly solve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency-draining barriers. Ramp up your knowledge of how the most successful MSPs are getting the most from their teams by being able to regularly and very quickly, optimise their processes and workflows and, share them with the entire team.

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