Welcome to the Big Clean Up, a three-part series where we take you through the journey of rejuvenating your IT documentation and reveal how IT Glue can help your organisation be free of the risks/costs associated with missing information and reduce time-waste by 50%.

It’s time for Operation Dust Off! Implementing a fully-fledged documentation overhaul can seem daunting and can easily be pushed under the carpet. But, can you afford to increase your lead times of daily tasks due to time waste?

Continue your journey with the experts of the Big Clean Up to discover how you can minimize the assumed disruption. Sweep up that dust, say goodbye to procrastination and welcome in the fresh breeze with IT Glue where we will show you a live demo on how you can build your competitive advantage with IT documentation maturity!

Join us to understand:

  • The three steps to preparing for implementation
  • Phased approach vs all in one?
  • How to minimize team disruption

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