Welcome to the 'Technician's Waste Not, Want Not' three-part series where we unravel the common hurdles and barriers technicians face during their day-to-day activities. We reveal the burdens they face and provide solutions to enable them rather than daunt them further!

It has been estimated that IT workers waste 20% of their time looking for information, and it is no mystery why. Your information could be spread around Word, wikis, your service management platform, SharePoint, your best tech’s brain and so on. All this time waste is an epidemic, and it has a massive impact on your team's productivity. So, what can you do?

Join our insightful session and find out just how much time waste is affecting your business. You will also understand:

  • Who else is it affecting and by how much?

  • The very ‘real’ effects of time waste – how much is it costing you?

  • What you can do to reduce your time waste by 50%

  • How to resolve time waste with a live demo of IT Glue

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