The Key To A Streamlined & Successful M&A Process

We hosted a fantastic panel discussion where Nadir Merchant (GM & CTO, IT Glue) will be joined by leaders of the first ever publicly traded MSP, Rick Jordan (Founder & CEO, ReachOut Technology) and Ryan Luering (Director of Operations, ReachOut Technology). Drawing from successful experience as an MSP rapidly growing with mergers and acquisitions, these industry experts come together to analyze the current M&A landscape in today’s IT industry and provide forward-thinking solutions on how to best prepare MSPs to buy or sell.
The panel explores M&A in its three key stages:
  • Pre M&A: What can you do now to set yourself up for success for M&A?
  • M&A – How to merge two company’s processes, culture and technologies
  • Post M&A – How to exit this process and be set up for success
Many MSPs face various unexpected challenges when they deal with mergers and acquisitions. Merging two separate organizations and their technologies, systems, internal processes, culture, etc., into a single entity is complex to say the least. Thorough and consistent documentation increases valuation, integration and profitability and paves the way for a smooth and successful M&A process.
If you are wondering what role documentation can play in improving the M&A process both for buyers and sellers, we have the right session for you.

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