This is your opportunity to discover how IT Glue has transformed over 9000 MSPs across the globe with a direct line into one of our customers. Watch the recording, for a first-hand account of how IT Glue has changed the way Ratcliff IT do things and given their bottom line a boost!

Warning! This is a ‘warts and all’ session and will include detail of issues experienced. Please do not attend if you want a sugar-coated account of IT Glue.

During this session, James Ratcliff at Ratcliff IT discusses:

  • Where his business was at before IT Glue, how he found the solution and where his concerns and doubts were over the implementation
  • How the business coped with implementation and transfer of documentation and information into IT Glue
  • The impact of IT Glue and how it has changed the way the team works and the business operates

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