IT Glue Customer Spotlight with PC Paramedics

IT Glue has transformed over 9,000 MSPs worldwide. Here’s your chance to hear first-hand how IT Glue has changed the way PC Paramedics do things and given their bottom line a significant boost!

Let us warn you that this is a ‘warts and all’ session. We cover in detail the issues experienced by PC Paramedics. So, please do not attend if you want a sugar-coated account of IT Glue’s benefits. In the interest of more transparency, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any question you wish!

During this session Paul Dadge, Principal Technologist at PC Paramedics will give you the lowdown on:

  • Where his business was at before IT Glue, how he came to find the solution and where his concerns and doubts were over implementation
  • How the business coped with implementation and transfer of documentation and information into IT Glue
  • The impact of IT Glue and how it has changed the way the team works, and the business operates

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