Webinar: Spear-phishing – Best Practices to Defeat Evolving Attacks

Webinar: Spear-phishing – Best Practices to Defeat Evolving Attacks


How are you protecting your business from sophisticated, targeted and costly spear-phishing attacks? Learn about the revealing new details about spear-phishing attacks, including the latest tactics used by scammers to bypass traditional email security. During this webinar, we’ll provide an analysis of evolving spear-phishing attacks and how the right combination of technology and user-security training can provide the critical defences needed to protect your customers.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Key trends and tactics used by scammers in spear-phishing attacks
  • How you can use data and findings in this research to educate your customers
  • Best practices for protecting your customers against spear-phishing attacks

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