MSP Leaders Series #2: Reducing Technical Overheads

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 | 1 PM BST | 30 Mins

Welcome to the MSP Leaders Series! These are 30 minute sessions where we identify common mishaps in the world of MSPs and provide the solutions to help drive growth and success!

It is possible for your MSP to boost profits, deliver more for your clients and take on more work without making additional investment into your team. In fact, you can do all three whilst reducing your technical overheads. According to TSG’s Head of IT and Business Systems, Simon Harvey, before implementing IT Glue, his team had overheads of 30% per client interaction; an additional 30% tax on carrying out work and a drain on bottom line profits.

Join our second MSP Leaders Series on ‘Reducing Technical Overheads’ Webinar to find out how your MSP can improve efficiency whilst seeing technical overheads such as time, resource and equipment decrease.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • Managing technical overheads in an MSP – How TSG reduced theirs by 30%
  • Implementing a documentation structure to improve bottom line profits
  • How IT Glue reduces time, resource and equipment requirements so your team can take on more

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