The On The Beach Demo Session


The On The Beach Demo Session

No more going on holiday and getting calls for help! Create a fully capable, functional and efficient team that can survive a couple of weeks without you there with IT Glue. IT Glue is your ticket to getting away and being able to relax in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand. Join this exclusive demo session where we’ll be showing you how, with the right documentation practices in place, you’ll be able to truly relax. * We can prove it! Join the demo to get a mini-break voucher and you’ll see how IT Glue means you can actually relax whilst you’re away!

This demo will show you:

  • How to build knowledge library, Network Diagrams and Client Info that everyone can use
  • How to create and store SOPs that mean everyone knows what to do, all the time plus – How to automate documentation processes!
  • How to ensure everyone has access to everything you need them to with next generation password management

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