Join Session #11 in the MSP How To Series where we deliver 20-minute bite-sized sessions to demonstrate how IT Glue can help you quickly solve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency-draining barriers.

A new season has started but remote or hybrid working remains the same. Without the right tools and processes in place, onboarding and offboarding can be cumbersome tasks in the new era of virtual workforces. IT Glue enables IT professionals to handle vital onboarding and offboarding tasks such as tracking devices, password management, network security, SSO and more.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to speed up the onboarding process and get the most out of new employees
  • Overcome and avoid the headache of finding which documents are the latest version for a smoother onboarding and offboarding
  • Ensuring security measures are in place during the time-sensitive onboarding and offboarding procedure

The session will guide you through the following features:

  • Tracking Devices
  • Password Management
  • Network Security
  • SSO

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