MSP How To #6 – Create trackable tech team project plans within minutes

22nd July 2021 | 12 PM AEST

It’s time for Session #6 in the MSP How To Series where we deliver 20-minute bite-size sessions to demonstrate how IT Glue can help you quickly solve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency-draining barriers.

As MSPs move to becoming more ‘aaS’ based, complex projects are on the rise and this is not the time to leave project management down to single individuals or unintegrated systems. This session covers how MSPs can quickly build and communicate collaborative project plans, linked to documentation and passwords, all in one place.

This webinar will cover:

  • How you can build a bespoke project plan that links to all relevant documentation and has individual employee assignees
  • How checklists ensure deadlines don’t slip and everyone is aware of project status
  • How you can utilise checklist templates to speed up project planning across any organisation

The session will guide you through the following features:

  • Checklists
  • Workflows

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