Microsoft is one of the most popular SaaS solutions utilized by both MSPs and internal IT teams. By automatically documenting asset and user information from Microsoft’s suite of solutions, you can allow IT professionals to see their entire Microsoft environment effortlessly.

Join us for a webinar to understand how IT professionals can now automate the Intune asset and Azure users’ information into IT Glue, giving them a consolidated view of their assets along with on-prem and cloud users, all in a single pane.

This session will help you understand how to:

  • Securely access Microsoft admin passwords without a landline, VoIP or email address
  • View a consolidated view of your IT infrastructure including managed, unmanaged and mobile devices to eliminate information sprawl
  • View a consolidated view of your cloud, hybrid and on-prem users’ information to enforce compliance requirements
  • Access multi-tenant information in a single pane

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