IT Glue Customer Spotlight With Cyberdyne 

IT Glue has transformed over 9,000 MSPs worldwide. Join us to learn how IT Glue helped Cyberdyne transform its business operations and improve its bottom line.

Let us warn you that this is a ‘warts and all’ session. A significant portion of our focus will be on examining Cyberdyne’s issues. During the webinar, Business Development Manager Mike Philipsen and Cyberdyne System Operations expert Jonas Monzel will give you the lowdown on:

  • Cyberdyne’s situation before IT Glue, how they found it, and the concerns and doubts they had about it
  • Business process for transferring documents and information to IT Glue
  • The impact of IT Glue on teams and business

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to ask any question as part of our commitment to transparency.

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