Join the brand new MSP How To Series for 2021 where we deliver 20 minute bitesize sessions to demonstrating how IT Glue will help you *quickly* solve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency draining barriers.

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MSP How To #1 – Document a Customer in Minutes

This session shows you how it is possible to get a customer fully documented, securely and in one place, in minutes.

During this snapshot webinar, we show you exactly how IT Glue has helped over 9000 MSPs to get a handle on their customer documentation. We directly address your barriers to optimum efficiency and show you, on a live demo, exactly how you can get documentation sorted.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to bring all your customer documentation together, in one secure location
  • Sharing and access to critical customer information
  • Routes to creating streamlined documentation detail on each customer

The session will guide you through the following features:

  • Integrations
  • Import/Export
  • Network Glue
  • API

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