In 2021, many cybersecurity incidents caused experts to shake their heads and left businesses, law enforcement agents and government officials in a state of constant catch-up. Persistent attacks on the supply chain, enhancement of malware techniques that evade detection and the continuation of remote and hybrid work have created easier and more lucrative avenues for bad actors to exploit.

It’s about time you built a strong foundation of security to protect yourself from sophisticated threats. Join us for a 4-part webinar series where we analyze the 2022 BrightCloud® Threat Report and industry experts review the 4 key areas you can strengthen to protect your business.

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Part 1: Identify & Assess

Part 2: Protect & Train 

Part 3: Document 

Part 4: Backup & Recover 

These insights delve into the developments within the cyber threat landscape affecting businesses, large and small, and what these changes mean for businesses and individuals.

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