Tune into this session to watch MSP thought-leader, Erick Simpson and IT Glue Sales Engineer, Sean McKinley discuss strategy and tools to increase efficiencies, exceed performance targets, and best of all – increase satisfaction scores and morale from your teams.

Early in his career, Erick built help desks and call centers for Fortune 1000 companies. He optimized and integrated platforms, structured and created service tiers, implemented incident management workflows and escalation processes, and hired and trained technical teams, dispatchers, and service desk managers. He did this many times over several years. In working with many different service desk managers, he noticed that those that were the most successful and effective always made sure to use the same 3 strategies to manage and get the most out of their teams.

These strategies helped them increase efficiencies, exceed performance targets, and best of all – resulted in the highest satisfaction scores and morale from their teams. In the years since, he has shared these strategies with his clients, and they have experienced similar positive outcomes. Watch this timely Webinar, and not only will he share these strategies with you, but he'll also give you 3 tools you can use to implement them in your company.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Reveal the top 3 strategies that highly effective service desk managers implement to increase performance, efficiency, staff satisfaction, and morale
  2. Share the processes and tools that simplify, automate and allow you to adopt these strategies in your own company
  3. Discuss how to measure and manage technician performance objectively and create incentives and rewards for improving it

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