Documentation Mythbusters series

Documentation MythBusters Series

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Although cloud computing and storage facilities have become more readily available, companies still struggle to manage their IT documents systematically. That’s why we have created seven 30-minute webinars to help you debunk a few myths about IT documentation. These webinars will take place over the course of four months, and by the end of the series, you will be a documentation expert!

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Documentation MythBusters #1: IT Documentation Is Manual and Time-Consuming 

The IT documentation process is far more cumbersome without the right tools and processes in place. Fill in the form to watch the session and discover how to make documentation effortless and onboarding a breeze.

Documentation MythBusters #2: IT Documentation Is Just for Show 

Quite the contrary actually. Good IT documentation can result in better work-life for you and your employees. Companies with a strong documentation policy boast streamlined workflow integration, better compliance and faster project turnaround times. Watch this session to learn about other exciting benefits as well.

Documentation MythBusters #3: Storing Passwords in Excel Is Safe Enough

Using Excel to store passwords isn’t the best idea since hacking spreadsheets isn’t exactly rocket science. During this session, we’ll discuss advanced and effective ways to secure passwords and documents, as well as underscore the importance of access controls.

Documentation MythBusters #4: Network Diagrams Are Usually Outdated 

Not true. Discover how Network Glue provides complete visibility into Active Directory users on-premises and remotely. Identify all devices connected to your clients’ networks, regardless of their vendor. Sign up for the session to know about other exciting features too.

Documentation MythBusters #5: Support Technicians Have to Dig for Information 

Employees spend about 50% of their time looking for documents, where locating a single file can take up to 18 minutes. Sign up for this session to learn about documentation tool shortcuts, search functions and chrome extensions that can dramatically reduce the time needed to locate a file.

Documentation MythBusters #6: You Need to Be at Your Desk to Service Clients and Access Information

If you want to service clients and access information on the go, you need solutions that are always within your reach. Select this session to learn more about advanced IT documentation mobile apps designed to keep pace with an increasingly fast and mobile world.

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