The IT world is not only getting more complex, but it’s unpredictable as well. Whether it’s natural disasters and fires, viral outbreaks, major talent departures, breaches or technical disasters – you must have a strong foundation to support you through it all.

To prevent downtime, you can no longer just backup your hardware and software, you need to understand the complete picture of your IT environment and protect your knowledge as well.

And that starts with having all of your IT assets, passwords, and knowledge in one place. This frees up your time and space so you can focus on resolving issues, rather than playing catch-up.

In this session, we will explore the following topics:

  1. Prevent institutional knowledge from getting lost in technician’s heads and emails with standardized documentation that will help maximize long-term productivity
  2. Increase team efficiency, prevent repeat questions and speed-up small everyday tasks, with a centralized system of consolidated knowledge
  3. Ensure knowledge stays fresh and prevent human error with asset documentation automation that ensures consistency across your work

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